Happy Anniversary to Me!!

Five years ago today, I posted my very first video to YouTube and pink2paris was created.

The video I decided to  film and upload was “What’s in My LV Speedy 25?” and it was a hot mess if you ask me.  The only reason that I did it was because I had recently discovered YouTube and had become obsessed with watching videos.  I was completely fascinated by the fact that millions of everyday folks were interested in the same things as me and shared tons of information about those topics.  I could watch hours of unbiased product reviews and outfits modeled by the average-shaped woman.  I could also become instantly a part of different communities and develop connections by liking and commenting on the content produced by some of my favorite YouTube stars.  And they would actually comment back?!  Wow!!

My world grew when I started watching YouTube and when I decided to post my first video, my span of influence instantly went global.

The main reason that I posted was just to see if I could do it.  So I created an official YouTube account and named myself “pink2paris” because I love pink and had recently visited Paris and wanted to go back.

So on April 14, 2012, I decided to set up my low quality point and shoot camera and show everyone the contents of my purse.  I was nervous during the filming and couldn’t even tell if I was in the frame or in focus.  Editing was obviously unheard of and it didn’t matter because I didn’t think that anyone would watch the video anyway.

Well, the video did get views and comments that requested more videos from my channel.

Then magic happened when I got my first subscriber…

I felt FAMOUS!

Now that I have uploaded over 300 videos and have gained nearly 10,000 subscribers the feeling is different.  I don’t feel famous anymore but rather, I feel like I am surrounded by friends who appreciate what I do.