Ten (More) Random Facts About Me!!

A few months ago, I uploaded one of my favorite videos.  It was called “50 Random Facts About Me” and in it, I disclosed some of my most random (and quirky) details.  Preparing for it was a lot of work, but it was fun at the same time.  I took a long trip down memory lane for some of the items and looked to my present inspirations for others.  It was so hard to come up with 50 things that make me unique, let alone facts that are interesting and entertaining.


In the end, everything was interesting because it was personal and gave the viewers a little more insight into what I’m all about.  And the best part was that I got to make deeper connections with my viewers because I shared more of myself to them.  I received lots of feedback revealed that many folks have something in common with me and that I’m not the odd duck that I think I am.

Well, in the interest of sharing more, here goes another list of ten (more) random facts about me…

  1. I taught myself how to ride a bike when I was five by repeatedly going down a hill until I figured it out and stopped falling.  I still have a scar on my chin to prove it.
  2. I chipped my front tooth twice in elementary school.  Both times were from fighting with boys.  And yes, I won.
  3. I still do not have any grey hairs on my head!!
  4. The last guy that I “picked up” is my husband.  Yup, I initiated our first date 22 years ago!!
  5. I used to be a pretty darn good baseball player in middle school.  Played first base and led our Little League in steals.
  6. When I was in my 20’s, I used to go dancing 4-5 nights a week… like it was my job.  Now, not so much.  Haha!!
  7. My favorite season is summer, and I rarely complain about the heat.  Why do I live in Wisconsin?!
  8. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor AND a judge when I grew up.
  9. When my first son was born, I had some major postpartum hair loss.  So I cut it all off and wore a short afro for years.
  10. I am the “American” mom to four kids that I hosted from Europe (two from Spain and two from France).  I really need to take a trip to visit my babies!!  🙂

I hope you enjoyed learning even more about me.  What is your random fact that you’d like to share?